About us

We are a metal hub based in Verona.
Our group offers a complete range of services and bespoke solutions for the manufacture of metal-based products in various sectors.

We simplify processes: we are a single interlocutor for all phases of the project, from engineering to logistics.

We have large spaces, modern technologies, 40 years of experience in the metal sector but what distinguishes us is something intangible: the will to foresee the needs of our partners and to achieve this we employ experience, deep dedication to the customer and a creative approach to all projects assigned to us.
“Why don’t we fantasise the alphabet… fantastic, unexpected, with letters in all different sizes, shapes, materials, colours; all joyfully tossed up in the air...”

Bruno Munaria in Fantasia.

That’s what we did. We like art, we think it's universal, and just like creativity, it should not be separate to life.

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One example of a spontaneous form is the Falkland mesh lamp. The material is a stocking. For a long time, I had thought of elasticity as a formal component of objects, and one day I went to a stocking factory to see if they could make me a lamp.
- We don’t make lamps, sir.
- You will, you’ll see. And so it was.

Bruno Munaria, Fantasia.

Multidisciplinary skills, passions, business models, experiences, and creativity are what connect NordLog, as if to a common thread, to all the companies forming part of the Ifp holding. From coatings to the precious wine cellar of Valpolicella, from the engineering firm to the Academy of surgery and various sports initiatives, we love delving into multiple sectors, walking new paths and taking on ever new challenges. Ifp is an acronym for Ideas Fight Problems. We like solving problems: those of clients or those with an idea, a project, a talent, but without the opportunity.

Courage is essential in this day and age, along with new challenges to give meaning to one’s work. Experience is a guiding light, but taking multiple directions is what truly makes the difference and makes working fun. DIVERTIRE (Italian for “to have fun”) is derived from “divertere”, “deviare” (divert). We give people and companies with ideas, talent, and enthusiasm, the opportunity to develop projects. We like to push ourselves where others don’t go, breaking moulds, thinking outside the box. Without being afraid to tread uncharted territory or face chaotic situations. The best things come from where you least expect. The keystone lies in ideas and actions pursued with courage. All together, because without stones, there is no arch. And the Arch is our manifesto.


We created the ARCO font for the Holding, which bears Verona’s distinctive trait in its name, inspired by the archaeological remains of the Roman civilisation, making it unique with respect to other cities.
This font represents a link with the Scaliger capital city, which emanates beauty with a strong architectural, but also cultural and social identity.
I like to think of myself as a farmer who succeeds in making barren land fertile and productive by caring for it, looking after it, protecting it. True, not all seeds bear fruits... but only the strongest remain in the field, the healthiest, the ones that want to grow. GM
Evolution is the force that feeds our spirit, the strive for continuous innovation, the challenge we have set for ourselves and all those we meet along the way.